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Abstract Magazine is a project founded by six graduates and friends who miss writing with creative freedom in a safe and accessible space. In various different ways, graduating from university turned all of our lives on their heads. Sometimes it’s scary; sometimes it’s wonderful. Abstract is about those in-between moments, the crazy yet wonderful experiences people forget to tell you about growing up. We’re rather ambitiously publishing stuff on culture, life, and politics. In the words of Cord Jefferson, we are mostly looking forward to the prospect of being able to “write whatever the [Oops! That description includes words that violate our User Agreement.] we want” together. We’d like you to help us with that. Drop a line to hello@abstractmag.com if you’re interested in contributing. Pitches, questions, knock-knock jokes, gifs – all welcome. Your editors are: Harry Slater, Amy Adams, Matt Tidby, Rachael Lum, Oliver Balaam, and Chris Teale


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The Abstract is a magazine for visual creatives of ALL types. If you make something visual this magazine is for you! The Abstract was thought up by Osheokenoya in August 2020 and is set to officially launch it’s first volume in March of 2021.

This magazine hopes to be a resource to the creative community by being full of advice and tips as well as insight to different topics, history, cultures, as well as debates relevant to the community.


We hope to become a resource to all visual artists out there! A way to bring the art community together. Not only will we be featuring talented artists and breathtakingly creative artwork, The Abstract will provide information that extends past the page it is written on, whether it’s to facilitate discussions or to give you, the artist, tools to take the world by storm.


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About us

ABSTRACT is an information platform which specializes in abstract art. Our goal is to publish important art events in the world and show art trends. We also looking for young, noteworthy artists and helping to unleash their potential. It’s important for us to form a new generation of great artists who deserve their place in art-history.




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Vladyslav Zaitsev
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We are open to cooperation and suggestions, you can always contact us by sending an email:




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